Berkley Gulp Salmon Eggs Flor

Berkley Gulp Salmon Eggs Flor

Berkley Gulp Salmon Eggs Flor Uova di salmone, fornite in barattoli contenenti liquido scentato, che dona alle uova  un aroma dal forte potere attirante per la trota. Ideali per lo spinning light game nei laghettio nei torrenti e fiumi.

In addition to being saturated in Berkley®'s potent Gulp! Alive® formula, these Gulp! Alive! Floating Salmon Eggs offer the added strike-drawing appeal of garlic scent. This combination of the garlic scent and Gulp! Alive! formula creates a deadlyone-two punch that trout and steelhead simply can’t refuse. Floating Salmon Eggs closely resemble real salmon eggs and are the perfect baits when the bite's hot on top. Plus, Gulp! Alive! Floating Salmon Eggs are marinated in Berkley's provenGulp! Alive! attractant, so they absorb 20% attractant which makes them 20% more potent. And when you’re done catching, simply put the Gulp! Alive! Floating Salmon Eggs back in the jar to recharge for another day. For optimal egg presentation,we suggest that you use a #10 or smaller egg hook when fishing Gulp! Alive! Floating Salmon Eggs. 2 oz. jar.

  • Infused with garlic scent
  • Saturated in Gulp! Alive! formula
  • Deadly for trout, steelhead and more
  • Resembles real salmon eggs
  • Floating formula keeps eggs off bottom, in strike zone.
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