AHAB INSHORE RODS - Inshore Models

Versatility for Inshore and Light Offshore

The Fin-Nor Ahab rod series is designed for both inshore and light offshore fishing, and are built with the quality and durability that match perfectly with our legendary Ahab spinning reels.

In-shore models feature high-quality graphite blanks with natural cork grips, as well as quality Fuji components including Alconite guides and tips. Ahab light offshore models are designed for those anglers that use their reels out in the gulf stream and require heavier lines and more strength to pull on bigger, more powerful fish. These offshore-capable rods feature Fuji Hardloy guides with an EVA handle and gimble butt.

Inshore Models
FNAS70MLMedium-Light7'0"8 - 12 lb.Fuji DPSFuji AlconiteNatrual Cork
FNAS70MMedium7'0"8 - 12 lb.Fuji DPSFuji AlconiteNatrual Cork
FNAS70MHMedium-Heavy7'0"8 - 12 lb.Fuji DPSFuji AlconiteNatrual Cork
FNAS70HHeavy7'0"8 - 12 lb.Fuji DPSFuji AlconiteNatrual Cork
Light Offshore Models
FNAS7-12Medium7'0"12 lb.AluminumFuji HardloyEVA / Gimble
FNAS7-16Medium7'0"16 lb.AluminumFuji HardloyEVA / Gimble
FNAS66-16Heavy6'6"16 lb.AluminumFuji HardloyEVA / Gimble
FNAS7-20Medium7'0"20 lb.AluminumFuji HardloyEVA / Gimble
FNAS66-20Heavy6'6"20 lb.AluminumFuji HardloyEVA / Gimble