True Big Game Power To Tame The Ocean

You don't name a product Santiago, and fill the biggest shoes in the Fin-Nor product line without being totally ready. It is with total respect for the history, traditions and excellence of the Fin-Nor brand, and with the greatest apprecitation for the role that Fin-Nor trolling reels played in writing the history of big game fishing, that we took time and diligence to the extreme in designing Santiago.

The flagship of the Fin-Nor brand, Santiago is a bold tesatament to modern technology's greatest advances in fishing reel materials and design. Perfectly sized for the technical skills of today's big game angler, Santiago features a solid one-piece, fully-machined aluminum framdn and one-piece spool, supported by a machined stainless steel center shaft turning on four ultra-smooth, and ultra-strong, ceramic/stainless hybrid ball bearings.

Santiago's drag system, which includes a , allows you to customize and fine-tune your settings to your type of fishing. The drag lever offers a wide range of drag, activating at the "Strike" position, with additional power available up to the "Full" setting. Plus, a simple push of a button puts the reel in to it's powerful low gear when you need it, and an easy turn of a dial lets you switch back to high speed to pick up line.

SA12900 yds. / 12 lb.1000 yds. / 30 lb.2.48:15.58:11.42" / 36mm40.8 oz.
SA16900 yds. / 16 lb.900 yds. / 50 lb.2.48:15.58:11.81" / 46mm41.6 oz.
SA25800 yds. / 20 lb.1040 yds. / 50 lb.1.75:14.15:11.85" / 47mm67.5 oz.
SA30800 yds. / 30 lb.1680 yds. / 50 lb.1.75:13.79:12.40" / 47mm70.0 oz.
SA30W770 yds. / 50 lb.1600 yds. / 80 lb.1.75:13.79:12.95" / 47mm73.5 oz.
SA50730 yds. / 50 lb.1100 yds. / 100 lb.1.75:13.2:12.48" / 47mm83.0 oz.
SA50W900 yds. / 50 lb.900 yds. / 130 lb.1.75:13.2:13.34" / 47mm88.0 oz.
SA80W1000 yds. / 80 lb.1600 yds. / 130 lb.1.35:13.1:13.46" / 47mm141.1 oz.
SA1301200 yds. / 130 lb.3000 yds. / 200 lb.1.1:12.4:13.98" / 101mm183.0 oz.

I.P.T. = Inches-Per-Turn retrieve rate