Catalogo Cannon - System Modules


CannonLink Enables select Humminbird fish finders to control the operation of up to 6 Cannon Mag 20, DigiTroll 5, or DigiTroll 10 downriggers. CannonLink gives you full control of up/down functionality as well as the ability to adjust PIC, a

CannonLink Extension Cable

CannonLink Extension Cable Extension cable that is used between your CannonLink Accessory and your Cannon downrigger - 10 foot length.

IntelliTroll Sensor

IntelliTroll Sensor Allows IntelliTroll data to be displayed directly on the LCD screen on a Digi-Troll 10. Or display the IntelliTroll data on your Humminbird screen through CannonLink.

IntelliTroll™ Speed-N-Temp System

IntelliTroll™ Speed-N-Temp System In addition to gauging speed and temperature, the Cannon IntelliTroll™ tracks the depth at your lure – delivering the most comprehensive, accurate readings of the water below. And with a bl

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