Fox Rage Fish Snax Grondel Twist/ Wobble

Fox Rage Fish Snax Grondel Twist. The new Grondle Twist and Grondle Wobble lures are part of the Fish Snax range and are available in 6 different colours – Lemon Tiger, Hot Olive, Firetiger, Arkansas Shiner and new colours Hot Tiger and Marble. Thislure has been designed to replicate the grondle; a small species that can be found all across mainland Europe. It’s body profile however, ensures that it mimics many other prey fish species as well, making it a superb fish catcher even when grondlesare not resident. The Grondle Wobble has a large paddle tail that is perfect for both vertical and casting work, whilst the Grondle Twist can be worked on a much slower retrieve and features a long curly tail.

4" 10 cm

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