Fox Rage Pro Jointed Replicant

Fox Rage Pro Jointed Replicant, artificiale in gomma tipo shad / swimbait da luccio con molteplici snodi, per una azione estremamente realistica durante il recupero. Esca in gomma per lucci, erede del celebre Replicant Wobble, un autentico bestseller per pike fishing. Assetto slow sinking.

With rising fishing pressure, the predators are getting much more wary, especially with traditional lures. Multi-part lures have now come into the game because they move very naturally like a real fish. And for that reason we have developed a newReplicant – the Pro Jointed! A sizeable lure for every pike, catfish or trophy sized zander, with the shape identical to that of a young rainbow trout! But the size and shape of it is not the only great aspect, we developed a very special multi-partshad structure, so a lifelike movement in the water is guaranteed! Only a live bait moves more naturally. Perfectly balanced with lead and fitted with two super sharp Powerpoint hooks: a 8/0 jig hook and a 4/0 treble.