Rapala Lighted Marker Buoy boa di segnalazione

Rapala Lighted Marker Buoy. The Rapala Lighted Marker Buoy makes it easy to keep tabs on your secret spot in any conditions. Designed with 2 super bright LED bulbs, the Rapala Lighted Marker Buoy activates the momentit hits the water, so you can keep an eye on your spot in low-light and rough water.

Built to run for 60-hours on two replaceable AA batteries (not included), the Rapala Lighted Marker Buoy features a convenient on/off switch inside fordaytime use. Balanced and compact, the low-profile design of the Rapala Light Marker Buoy comes equipped with 50-feet of cord and a flexible 6oz weight to keep it in place. Make sure you stay on the fish and make the most out of every cast withthe Rapala Lighted Marker Buoy.

Water activated marker buoy from Rapala shines bright the moment it hits the water. On/Off switch inside for daytime use. Two super bright LED bulbs work hard with 60 hours of run time and two replaceable AA batteries (not included). Balanced,compact low-profile shape reduces unncessary line release in wavy conditions. 50 foot cord with 6 oz. flexible weight to keep it in place.

Boa da pesca Rapala che si illumina grazie al segnale Led luminoso. Munita con corda di 15 m. Tasto acceso/spento con durata di 60 ore. Batterie sostituibili. Ideale per pesca notturna e diurna.

  • Water Activated Lighted Bouy
  • On/Off Switch for Daytime Use
  • Two Super Bright LED Bulbs
  • 60 Hours of Run Time
  • 2 Replaceable AA Batteries (not included)
  • 50 Foot Cord with 6 oz. Flexible Weight