Rapala Mini Digital Scale and Fish Gripper Kit

Rapala Mini Digital Scale and Fish Gripper Kit composto da un gripper che serve a bloccare il pesce in modo deciso, ma sicuro e stabile, completamente galleggiante (non si perde). La bilancia fino a 12 kg è impermeabile, piccola,e pesa accuratamente. Entrambi i componenti sono perfetti per la pesca no kill, e sono praticissimi da riporre, prendere, usare e... trasportare ovunque nelle vostre sessioni di pesca a spinning e casting, in acqua dolce e salata

Land, weigh, photo and release your catch with ease. The Rapala® Mini Digital Scale/Fish Gripper Kit provides the 2 essential tools needed to make it a quick, simple, and safe process. The Rapala Floating Fish Gripper is designed for 1-hand operation;it secures your catch by the mouth firmly, but gently, and the quick-release mechanism opens the jaws at a touch of a thumb. The pocket-sized, water-resistant Rapala Mini 25 lb. Digital Fish Scale weighs your catch accurately; its digital readoutis easily seen in bright sunlight. Keep these essentials in your tackle bag, and you'll never miss an opportunity to add to your legend!

Gripper features:

  • Safely land, display, and release your catch with 1 hand
  • Holds fish firmly, but gently
  • Quick-release button opens the jaws at a touch

Scale features:

  • Accurately weighs fish up to 25 lbs.
  • Easy-to-see digital readout
  • Pocket-sized, water-resistant design