Rapala Pliers & Super Line Scissor Combo

Rapala Pliers & Super Line Scissor Combo, pratico kit di pinza slamatrice in acciaio al carbonio, con presa anti scivolo, adatta acnhe a fare tuning agli artificiali, tagliare cavetti leaders in acciaio; e forbici da pesca adattea tagliare il filo trecciato, nylon, fluorocarbon.

Pliers & Super Line Scissors Combo features the Rapala Fisherman’s Pliers, designed for years of reliable service, they are made of durable carbon steel with a nickel plated finish. Co-molded grips for comfort with a double leaf spring for easeof use and convenience. Split shot crimper, Rapala® lure tuning tool and light duty side cutters are also featured plus the Super Line Scissors that feature sharp serrated cutting edge and oversized finger and thumb holes, these scissors actuallygrip and hold braided line for easy non-slip cutting.