Savage Gear Titanium Single Strand Wire

Savage Gear Titanium Single Strand Wire, filo in titanio per terminali da luccio e predatori. Prodotto di altissimo livello qualitativo: non ha memoria e si annoda facilmente. Consigliato sia per la pesca a spinning in acque interneche in mare.

Misure: 0.5 mm - 88 lb - 3 m

Unlike standard pike traces titanium single strand wire has no memory at all. It always recovers it's original shape with minimal stretch allowing you to set the hooks more effectively. Subtly coloured in smoke black finish for perfect presentationof your lure or baits.

This wire can be tied directly to your snap or swivel line using Clinch and Albright knots giving you thje smoothest transition from mainline to end tackle.