Savage Gear Multi Purpose Predator Jerk rods 1 pc

ModelloLenghtLure WeightPieces
SGMPP 6' 6'110 gr1

Savage Gear MPP rods. Savage Gear Multi Purpose Predator Casting , canne monopezzo da luccio dall'alto rapporto tra qualità e prezzo, modello di canna da casting da jerk. Passanti Seaguides in Sic adatti ai fili trecciati

The perfect rod for casting jerks!
The MPP (Multi-Purpose Predator) is the most extensive rod range ever produced for modern predator catching! The range offers rods to suit every modern form of fishing: vertical fishing, casting, softlure fishing, jerk fishing and much more! The high modulus carbon fiber blank of each different MPP model is designed individually so that the blank's action perfectly matches the rod's intended purpose. Designed for anglers by anglers!

•SG Gold Label DPS reel seat
• Premium grade SiC line guides
• Handles made of hard Japanese EVA foam
• High modulus carbon fiber blank
• “Ready to Fish” deluxe rod bag