Savage Gear Larvae

Savage Gear Larvae questa imitazione di larva ha un movimento frenetico ed un assetto slow sinking. Azione molto fluida e nervosa con alcuni dettagli ultra realistici. Ideale per pesca spinning alla trota, black bass, cavedano,persico reale, aspio. Dotata di ancorette giapponesi Savage Gear custom.

Savage Gear Larvae This stunning and unique lure is a supernatural ‘larvea nymph’ imitation. The double jointed body gives an incredible lifelike yet erratic action. The lure is slow sinking – just like a real nymph. The superb3D imitation and fantastic details make this lure stand out from the crowd.

The results during field-testing have shown superb results on Trout, Salmon, Bass and other game fish in both still and running water. Customized Japanese Savage Gear tournament treble hooks.