Savage Gear 3D Iron Mask Deep Diver

Savage Gear 3D Iron Mask Deep Diver, un extra deep crank che raggiunge profondità incredibili e che trova collocazione ideale oltre che per la pesca luccio, nella pesca della sandra, del siluro, nella traina sia in mare che in acqueinterne. Ha una paletta frontale rivestita in metallo da cui deriva il nome, estremamente robusta che resiste agli impatti con le rocce e con il fondale. Stabile a tutte le velocità.

A perfectly made replica from small herring that imitates a wide variety of prey fish (zander, seabass, wels, pike, bluefish, perch, black bass, trout) both salt and freshwater. The Savage Gear Iron Mask, dives fast, with a great tight wobbleand flash – runs perfectly with a big speed window making it a very versatile deep diver in both fresh and saltwater. The unique Plated steel “Iron Mask” at the tip of the extreme lip protects it from cracking on Rocks and hard bottom and createsan extra flash in the water!

• Perfect for trolling and casting, cracking and deep twitching!
• Great lure for both Saltwater and Freshwater species!
• Extreme diving design, (up to 10m)
• Unique Protective Lip Iron Mask
• Big speed window (1,5-5kts)
• Superior 3D details and realism
• Subtle rattle attraction sound
• Slow floating for great deep twitch action
• Ultra Sharp Savage Gear Y-Trebles (#4 /90mm #1/115mm)
• Tough Hard Body ABS
• Thru going wire harness (115 size)