Savage Gear Seeker ISP

Savage Gear Seeker ISP, il metal jig che oltre ad essere un casting jig eccezionale, annovera un movimento nervosissimo con rotazioni vere e proprie di 360 gradi, non appena si smette di girare la manovella, emettendo così un flashingnotevole in caduta. Nato per lo spinning in mare, adotta la tecnologia ISP che permette di concentrare gli attacchi del predatore in una zona specifica. Ideale per ogni pesce di mare, a partire dalla spigola, palamite, sgombri, barracuda e qualsiasipredatore costiero.

The Seeker ISP lure is designed for Ultra distance casting, even in windy conditions - but the blade design allows the lure to swim very lively and erratic, with the most incredible 360 degree rotation on the slightest spin stop - creating an incredibleflash in the water.

Each lure comes with an Ultra sharp Savage Gear Y-treble and a wide gape beak point lure single hook, so the angler can chose witch hook is best for the given condition. Both hooks are in our new DG-stealth finish, whichis a very thin, Dark Grey stealth saltwater finish - making the hook very corrosion resistant, ultra sharp and light weight. Hooks mounted with double splitrings, so the fish can't use the lure leverage to break free the hook.

ISP = IntenseStrike Point, by filling predrilled holes on the lure body, with the strong night Glow and UV epoxy pasta, we have been able to create the most intense strike point on the lures you have ever seen!

The Intense strike points draw in theSeatrout and Seabass, and they hit the lure hard right in the tail section where the hook is - ensuring a superb hookup rate.