Savage Gear 3D Suicide Duck

Savage Gear 3D Duck. The Savage Gear 3D Suicide duck features a much longer profile than other duck baits and really looks like a bird laying down to power through the water. The under belly of the bait reminds me of the bottom of a boat, and sureenough the faster you retrieve the bait the more cuts through the water, and the only thing that stops it from digging in are the spinning feet. These spinning feet throw off water in all directions and because of their cupped shape theywill even churn water like a double-buzz, helping the bait not only create a big wake but a bubble trail. When retrieved slowly the bait churns plenty of water, but when the bait is burned it will really get pretty loud, and much like a twin bladedbuzzbait is designed to call in fish from a great distance. This bait is fun to fish! On Lake Trafford there really wasn't any topwater bite today but the bait certainly fooled the gators that eagerly gave chase. When it is debuted at ICAST2016 the 3D Duck will be available in three patterns, Wood Duck, Yellow Duck, and Baby Black Bird. The 3D Duck will also be available in two sizes, a 6" bait which should appeal to big bait anglers yearning for explosive topwater strikes,and a 4 1/4" inch size that is a lot less intimidating to fish. Each bait is rigged with both top and bottom hook configurations so that anglers can customize the bait for a variety of different conditions. For added realism these hooks are dressedup with feathers that match the pattern of the body. The Savage Gear 3D Duck is a brand new take on the topwater duckling style bait.

La 3D Sucide Duck Savage Gear è una anatra topwater con due eliche al posto delle zampe. Disponibile in due misure e differenti colori. Consigliata per bass fishing, pike fishing e persino per lo spinning al siluro, quando preda in superficie!