Savage Gear 3D TPE Mayfly Nymph

La Savage Gear 3D TPE Mayfly Nymph è una imitazione di ninfa, realizzata in materiale molto resistente. Può essere usata sia su canne da spinning ultra light, sia con canne da rock fishing, sia con canne da area. I colori replicanoperfettamente quelli degli insetti reali presenti in natura. Esca ideale per trote, persici reali, cavedani, quando non rispondono su esche tradizionali. Lunghezza 5 cm, peso 2.5 gr, armata con amo del 3.

The 3D TPE Mayfly Nymph based on the 3D scan of a real May Fly nymph and have incredible details even for its small size. The TPE material is very durable and elastic and be used on the fly rod. The lure mimic’s a may fly nymph to perfection andhave the most incredible action with fluttering and moving legs on the drop and tail kick on the twitch. The amazing realistic colors and details will fool the vary Trout or bass! The lure will perform brilliant in both current and still water– great for many species, Trout, Perch, Chub and Bass etc.

The TPE material (Temperature Elastomer) is a unique soft yet durable material, that feels very natural The fish bite and hold on as if it was a real prey – The TPE material is very durable and will last for many, many bites. (don’t store TPE withPVC soft lures, TPE material have memory, we recommend to keep in the supplied clam pack)

  • Great for ultra-light fishing, Fly fishing etc.
  • Ultra sharp and strong hook
  • TPE material (don’t store with PVC soft lures)
  • Micro movement from the legs
  • Incredible live like details
  • 5cm, 2.5g, Hook #3