The mysterious coregonus, also known as whitefish, inhabits deep glacial lakes which bring a unique set of demands to anglers who pursue them. The new Speedmaster and Beastmaster AX Coregonus rods supply all the answers, with Fuji lock-sliding metal rings on the XT100/Shadow Diaflash Speedmaster trio and a similar design for the three Beastmaster models which are built on XT60 carbon with Biofibre.

Model NumberLength (m)Weight (g)Transport Length (cm)Number of SectionsGuidesCasting Weight (g)Blank Material
BMAXCOR21SLR2.10771083+2 tips9-XT60 + Biofibre
BMAXCOR24SLR2.40801243+2 tips10-XT60 + Biofibre
BMAXCOR26SLR2.60851323+2 tips11-XT60 + Biofibre