The original Forcemaster Spinning range gets a total upgrade across all 26 SKUs with the introduction of Forcemaster AX. Benefiting from Vibra Spot reel seats, easy access hook keepers and optional balance weights, the two-piece range built on XT40+Geo Fibre blanks runs from a 165 Ultra Light model through to a trio of 330 length versions in ML, MH and H ratings.
Model NumberLength (m)Weight (g)Transport Length (cm)Number of SectionsGuidesCasting Weight (g)Blank Material
SFMAX165UL1.6510888261-11XT40 + Geofibre
SFMAX18L1.8011496263-14XT40 + Geofibre
SFMAX21ML2.10148111277-21XT40 + Geofibre
SFMAX21M2.101471112710-30XT40 + Geofibre
SFMAX24ML2.40173124277-21XT40 + Geofibre
SFMAX24M2.401831242710-30XT40 + Geofibre
SFMAX24MH2.401841242714-40XT40 + Geofibre
SFMAX24H2.402021242720-50XT40 + Geofibre
SFMAX24XH2.402041242750-100XT40 + Geofibre
SFMAX27ML2.70200139277-21XT40 + Geofibre
SFMAX27M2.702081392710-30XT40 + Geofibre
SFMAX27MH2.702241392714-40XT40 + Geofibre
SFMAX27H2.702341392720-50XT40 + Geofibre
SFMAX27XH2.702401392750-100XT40 + Geofibre
SFMAX30M3.002601542710-30XT40 + Geofibre
SFMAX30MH3.002631542714-40XT40 + Geofibre
SFMAX30H3.002621542720-50XT40 + Geofibre
SFMAX30XH3.002921542750-100XT40 + Geofibre
SFMAX33MH3.302871692814-40XT40 + Geofibre
SFMAX33H3.303181692820-50XT40 + Geofibre