VMC O'Shaughnessy Treble 4x 9626

VMC O'Shaughnessy Treble 4x 9626 ancorine da pesca VMC in pratica confezione risparmio da 25 ancorette. Extra resistenti (4x) con trattamento ANTI CORROSIONE che le rende perfette per pesca in mare. Ideali per sostituire ancorettesu artificiali destinati a prede enormi. (SILURO, TONNO, LECCIA, etc) Gambo corto, ideale per long jerk, metal jig, crankbait, spoon.

This VMC® traditional O'Shaughnessy 4x strong treble hook is forged from the finest high-carbon steel. After years of service it is still the hook of choice for lure makers and fishermen looking for maximum strength and sharpness at an affordableprice. THE BIGGEST THING IN SALTWATER HOOKS IS ACTUALLY MICRO THIN. Imagine a hook made specifically for saltwater with built-up layers of ultra-thin black finish to withstand the harsh conditions of the saltwater environment. Introducing theCOASTAL BLACK™ series from VMC. High corrosion-resistance for the longest-lasting black finish in the saltwater market with ultra-sharp, multi-step chemical sharpened hooks. Such a big advancement, all the fish in the sea will be hooked on it.

  • 4X Strong
  • Short Shank
  • Hi Carbon Steel
  • Cut Point